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What is SEO?

The internet is nothing more than a large box of content: text, video and images. There are trillions of web pages, and only through research into search engines can find exactly what they are looking for. The SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is part of search marketing and can be defined as the set of techniques that transmits the information that your site is really relevant for particular searches. For this to happen, your website needs to contribute by offering unique and original content. Google, as described on its website, its mission is: “(…) to organize the world’s information and make it globally accessible and useful.”. Therefore, the key to success of the algorithm created by Larry Page and Sergey Brin – Google founders – is precisely to provide the right information for each user who performs a search. But how Google identifies which pages are most relevant for particular searches? This algorithm considers over 200 factors to bring the best results to its users.These can be separated into two: SEO On-Page and Off-Page SEO.

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Analysis of Results

SEO brings results in the medium and long term and , depending on the segment , it may take six months , a year or even more. To measure the evolution of results is essential that the SEO Analyst use tools like Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools. Only in this way can get statistics such as number of visits , origin of visits, time spent on the site , number of pages viewed , which pages with the highest number of visits and other metrics .